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Open College was formerly named Open Business Junior College. This school is the first school for distance learning in Taiwan. Its junior college offers degrees in finance, accounting, business administration, information management and applied foreign languages, while its college offers degree in applied business. Apart from the main campus, there are Taoyuan, Yilang, Hualien and Taitung. In 2002, the school was reorganized into Open College and provided more chances of advanced study for employees in public and private sectors, thereby elevating the cultural level of our society.

II.Features and Objectives of Education
Since most students in the College are adults, guidance focuses on the cultivation of self-reliance, obedience to laws, self-management, and self-respect. There are nine student clubs: Charity, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Photography, Badminton, Flower Arrangement, English Study, Internet Communications,and yoga. There are also the Department Association Club, the Class Association Club, and the Graduate Association Club. These clubs boast sound structures and outstanding members. Since 2002, students have been participating in various activities, making these clubs more organized, mature, and specialized.
There are many methods of teaching: television, radio broadcasting, correspondence, Internet, and inclass teaching. Generally speaking, students come to school for in-class teaching every other week. College students acquire the bachelor degree after taking 78 credits. Junior college students acquire the diploma of two-year junior college after taking 80 credits. Experienced domestic and foreign teachers are employed to provide classroom teaching, so that students’ problems and questions can be solved and answered.