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Students Affairs Section Responsibilities

Students Affairs Section







Zhang, Jie



1.Supervising the tasks of Students Affair Section

Directors from other sections of the NTUB Extension University

2.Tasks assigned by the Dean

Administrative Group staff member

Yeh, Xiou-An 10907yeh@ntub.edu.tw


1.Affairs related to students’ military service, evaluation results of students’ behavior or conduct, records of rewards and punishment, students’ group insurance  

Zhuang, Pei-Jun

Hsu, Jun-Cheng

2.Reviewing and distributing scholarships

3.Association of graduates-to-be, Alumni Associations, students’ association of each department / division, management and guidance for extracurricular activities

4.organizing training sessions for student cadres and seminars for all students

5.organizing freshman orientation activities

6.Co-organizing school anniversary celebration and joint graduation ceremony

7.Affairs related to student recruitment and promotion of school

8.Supporting the Office of the Dean with the miscellaneous tasks

9.Other tasks assigned by supervisors