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Section of General Affairs Responsibilities

Section of General Affairs







Chen, Hsin-Yu



1. Supervising the section of general affairs

Directors from other colleges of the Extension University

2. Other tasks assigned by the Dean

Administrative secretary

Yang, Tsai-jing

tsaejine@ntub.edu.tw (02)2322-6496

1. Affairs related to procurement, work acceptance, and payment for “production and broadcast of teaching videos for courses of extension university” project.

Chuang, Pei-Jun

Yeh, Xio-An

2. Affairs related to the ‘labor and health insurance’ of employees and part-time teachers, and ‘withheld amount for pension’ of the employees (including the staff at branch offices and part-time workers). 

3. Affairs related to financial estimates, budgets, final statement, and write-off payment for ‘the fiscal year calculation’ and ‘student recruitment’ at the headquarter and the branches.

4. Affairs related to payment of hourly fee, exam paper preparation fee, test monitoring fee, test marking fee, assignment correcting fee for teaches.

5. Affairs related to make-up registration, distribution of tuition payment sheet, refund of tuition for drop-out students, overpayment refunds for credit fees; distribution of tuition payment confirmation.  

6. Management of official documentation; management and procurement of assets at Director’s office; management of part-time workers and application for salary of part-time workers.

7. Affairs related to convening administrative meetings; applying parking permits for teachers of face-to-face classes

8. Other tasks assigned by supervisors